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James Ince Umbrellas 1805

Umbrella Care

We hope your Ince Umbrella will become like a trusted friend and look after you whether it rains or shines. Our Umbrellas are made using the best of materials to help ensure a long life. However, to minimise the risk of damage please follow the guidelines below:


Leave your Umbrella open after use to allow the moisture to evaporate from the fabric and frame. Do not use artificial heat as this may harm the canopy and wooden components.

When dry, carefully roll your Umbrella to ensure a neat appearance for when next used.

Please do not use your Umbrella as a walking support. We make our Umbrellas as strong as possible, but they are not designed to weight bear.                                                               

Wind is not the friend of any Umbrella. Always open it into the wind and be careful in places which could be “wind tunnels” such as in built up areas between tall buildings. Our umbrellas are strong - however they are not designed to withstand very strong winds. And indeed it would be dangerous to do so - as a strong gust could catch you unawares and drag you in front of an oncoming car or lift you up over the chimney pots like Mary Poppins.